5 Best Dogs for Pheasant Shooting

5 Best Dogs for Pheasant Shooting

Hunting season can be made more pleasant by having the right hunting dog by our side. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right hunting dog. For instance, size is important. A big dog will generally require more food and care. However, it is likely to be faster in the fields. One should also consider how much hunting they actually do.

Another consideration should be the purpose for which they need the dog. Some dogs are great at pointing. Other breeds are also great at flushing. Sometimes one needs a retriever especially if they are old and unable to get the bird themselves.

The Labrador Retriever

This is one of the best pheasant hunting breeds in the world. It has proven its mettle over the years in many hunting fields across the world. The breed is efficient at flushing and retrieving prey. In addition, this breed is loyal and obedient. However, one needs to make sure that they feed their dog properly. Otherwise, it might be tempted to steal the pheasant and eat it. It has a thick coat that makes it resistant to the minor scraping that is common out in the open. It is a great dog to use all year round no matter the kind of weather.


This great hunting dog breed seems to have an innate understanding of the gun range. The breed is short and close to the ground. This makes it excellent at creeping up on pheasants and flushing them. In addition, it can be used as a pointer. The breeder is always full of energy and is friendly with other dogs. It would definitely be a great addition to a hunting party. The Brittany breed is excellent for this type of task due to its thick protective coat. It is not easily injured.

Golden Retriever

This breed is well suited to any type of hunting condition. They are obedient and always eager to please their owner. The dog has a thick coat that insulates it from any type of weather. They are great for flushing out pheasants. However, due to their huge size, they may eat the catch if not well fed. The Golden retriever is fast and knows how to creep up on prey if well trained. Their greatest asset in the hunting field is their strong jaws. This will come in handy when retrieving prey.

American foxhound

This type of breed was bred for catching foxes. The result was a fast, brave breed that can walk into any thicket. The breed has been around for many years, during which it has proven its reliability. They have a relatively thick coat and a high level of alertness. The breed will definitely come in handy as a flusher and retriever when hunting pheasants. One of their best qualities is how efficient they are at flushing out pheasants without any fear. The breed is very loyal and listens to any commands issued without deviation.

Blackmouth Cur

This is one of the best breeds for long hunting expeditions. It has an unusually high level of energy. It makes it a great breed for people who love beginning their huts early in the morning. In fact, it can hunt all night and still be active the next morning. This breed has an excellent nose. It can sense the pheasants from quite far away. This is important especially because pheasants can stay very quiet. It is also excellent at flushing out the pheasants from their hiding spots. With the right commands, it can stay well within gun range. The breed has some powerful jaws that come in handy when retrieving the catch.

When hunting for pheasants, all these breeds have their unique qualities that make them an excellent companion in the field. However, one needs to ensure that they understand their unique requirements before going on the hunt. At times, if the terrain is too rugged, the shorter breeds may have a hard time manoeuvring. The coat is also very important; some dogs barely have any covering. This automatically disqualifies them from joining the hunt. They will get bruised and lose concentration. One should also make sure the dog is properly trained. Otherwise, the entire hunting trip might become very frustrating.

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