Where to Shoot

Read our detailed resources on where to go Pheasant shooting in the UK and Ireland.  There are lots of great shoots to avail of for your pheasant and game shooting needs and this list shows you the information on each.

You won’t be short of great places to shoot during the season in UK and Ireland.  There is a lot of healthy competition and you can shop around for the prices and options that suit you.

They all have the same characteristics with well trained teams,  options for food gun rental and bullets and a range of bird counts.

UK Shooting

Guns On Pegs have an amazing set of resources so we are thankful for their site to be able to show you some of the great places that you can shoot so click on these links for more detailed information and booking.  You need a login and password (free) to view the details but it only takes a few seconds to login.

East Anglia Shoots

Bramfield Shoot

The Bramfield Shoot is a driven located just outside of London 3 miles north of Hertford on the Woodhall Park Estate.

The Bramfield Shoot is a driven pheasant shoot, the eighteen drives are spread across 1,620 acres of woodland and farmland. 8000 birds are put down each year to allow for 250 bird days for the syndicate guns and let days alike.